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Knights on frontrow merry-go-roundIt has been labelled the “front-rowmerry-go-round”and right now, the Newcastle Knights are on for the ride.

But so too are several other NRL clubs and whether the Knightsget offempty-handed or with the signature of a prized scalp is the big question.

Currently, they have brought Dragons prop Leeson Ah Mau and Storm middle Tim Glasby to Newcastle for a lookaround the city and the club facilities.

They have also expressed interest in Broncos tearaway Tevita Pangi Jnr and consider Raiders prop Shannon Boyd as another “maybe” target.

But the recruitment of props has become a tangled web with demand out-stripping supply.

In demand: Canberra Raiders prop Shannon Boyd has rejected an offer from his current club and is just one of the players the Knights are looking closely at for next season as they look to bolster their frontrow stocks.

Here is the current state of play.

The Dragons want to keep Ah Mau but he would have to stay for less than the Knights offer. Meanwhile, Ah Mau’s preference is to eventually return home to live in Auckland so the Warriors come into play.

If Ah Mau leaves the Dragons, talkis they will then make a play for Glasby.

Meanwhile, the Raiders believe Boyd may be headed for Gold Coast and if he does, they too are likely to look more closely at Glasby.

But the Titans will only make a play for Boydif they loseJarrod Wallace back to the Broncos, who are going to have to find some big money, which they usually can, to retain the likes of Pangi Jnr and Payne Haas.

Get ourdrift.

Where the cards fall right now is anyone’s guess.

But once the first one goes, generally speaking, the rest follow pretty quickly.

Joel up against his Jets’ bossIt could only happen in sport.

Just a matter of a few hours before they’ll join forces in the Eastern grandstand to cheer home the Jets in the A-League decider tonight, operations manager Joel Griffiths and CEO Lawrie McKinna will go head-to-head in a local Premier League clash a stone’s throw away at Edden Oval when Jaffas take on Jets Youth.

Griffiths will lead the Jaffas attack while McKinna coaches the Jets youngsters.

Joel Griffiths

“We’ve had a chuckle about it this week,” Griffiths said.

“At least it will take our minds off what’s going to happen later on.”

Meanwhile, we are hearing the same fans who used some spray paint to turnthe Griffiths Rd sign near the stadium into Joel Griffiths Rd after the 2008 title win may have something more planned if the Jets triumph again tonight against Victory.

Delivery man’sline of the weekJets man of the momentRileyMcGree received a presentfrom Nikethis week following his unbelievable goal against Melbourne City last weekend.

Riley McGree

AsJoel Griffiths tells it, the delivery man came up with the line of the week when he said: ‘We’ve got a package for the Scorpion King!’

A bad case of poortimingMerewether cricket club’s presentation night at Souths Leagues will clash with the Jets grandfinal tonight but as someone suggestedtous tongue-in-cheek this week, ‘It shouldn’t take long because they didn’t win anything last season’.

“Best man” dodges a bulletManly captain Daly Cherry-Evans dodged a serious bullet when he wasn’t charged for his alleged eye-gougeon Knights co-captain Jamie Buhrer in the final tackle of the game at Lottoland last weekend.

The NRL said Cherry-Evans wasn’t charged because of insufficient video evidence. It was a cop-out.

The real reason wasthey knew the Knights, or more specifically Buhrer, did not want to take itfurther despite the fact thatprivately, no-one in the Newcastle camp was happy about it.

Daly Cherry-Evans

Cherry-Evans was best man at Buhrer’swedding and they are still close mates.

What is baffling is why the Eagles halfbackwould even consider doing what he didto anyone, let alone his best mate.

Hagan in demand from coachesMichael Hagan won an NRL premiership as coach of the Knights and is thecurrent Kangaroos assistant coach so it’s no surprise his advice and assistance is being soughtby local coaches.

Hagan is again helping out with the Fingal Bay Bomboras and he will also assist Knights NSWCup assistant coach Daniel Fitzhenry with the CRL Newcastle Under 23’s side in the Country Championships.

Michael Hagan

His latest gig is advisor to Souths Lionscoach Ben Cross, which explainshispresencein the Lions’ change-room last Sunday.

Socceroos’ book local launchWhat Andrew Howe doesn’t know about the Socceroos and football in general is not worth knowing.

Which makes his new book Encyclopedia of Socceroos a must-have for avid fans of the code.

If you are interested, Howe is coming to Newcastle for a launch at Magic Park, Broadmeadow onMonday, May 28 between 5.30 and 7 pm.

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